AI4CYBER – Artificial Intelligence for next generation CYBERsecurity

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity Reinforcement and System Resilience.

AI4CYBER works to establish an Ecosystem of next generation AI-based services for supporting critical system developers and operators to efficiently manage system robustness, resilience, and appropriate response in the face of advanced and AI-powered cyberattacks.

The project will develop a collection of innovative resilience and autonomous response services that leverage AI models and Big Data, aimed to be encapsulated in cybersecurity tools to ensure a continuum of system protection.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a dual role to play in cybersecurity – as offensive vs. defensive technology. AI can be used as a weapon by malicious actors and attackers, while it can be a powerful mechanism to detect threats and protect systems against attacks. AI4CYBER works in the development of defensive AI.

Specifically, AI4CYBER will develop a new breed of AI-driven services to detect and respond to advanced and AI-powered attacks, as well as services for code testing with smarter flaw identification and code-fixing automation

AI4CYBER solution validation focuses on three key sectors: energy, banking and hospital services.


Smart Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Provide an Ecosystem Framework of next-generation trustworthy cybersecurity services that leverage AI and Big Data technologies to support system developers and operators in effectively managing robustness, resilience, and dynamic response against advanced and AI-powered cyberattacks.

New breed of Cybersecurity Services

Deliver a new breed of AI-driven software robustness and security testing services that significantly facilitates the testing experts work, through smarter flaw identification and code fixing automation.

Fight against AI-powered attacks

Provide cybersecurity services for comprehension, detection and analysis of AI-powered attacks to prepare the critical systems to be resilient against them.

Reduce Workload of security operators

Offload security operators from complex and tedious tasks offering them mechanisms to optimize the orchestration of the most appropriate combination of security protections, and continuously learn from system status and defences’ efficiency. 

Trustworthy AI

Ensure European fundamental rights and values-based AI technology for the AI4CYBER framework through the integration of demonstrable explainability, fairness and technology robustness (security) capabilities in the AI4CYBER components.

Foster European innovation

Foster open innovation and business opportunities through demonstration of AI4CYBER services integrated into critical services use cases relevant for Europe.

AI4CYBER in a nutshell

The Ecosystem Framework of next generation AI-based services for critical system robustness, resilience, and appropriate response in the face of advanced and AI-powered cyberattacks.