The AI4CYBER project has recently become a member of the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI), a network that brings together 29 EU-funded projects that focus on protecting and strengthening critical infrastructures. The main goal of the ECSCI cluster is to promote innovation and collaboration among its members to develop emerging solutions for security challenges.

AI4CYBER’s participation in the ECSCI cluster offers an opportunity for information exchange and collaboration with other EU-funded projects that share similar goals. Through cross-project collaboration, the ECSCI cluster aims to create synergies that will result in innovative solutions to security challenges. The cluster’s activities focus on protecting critical infrastructures and services, highlighting the different approaches among the clustered projects, and establishing productive connections with closely related and complementary H2020 projects.

The ECSCI cluster facilitates collaboration among its members by organizing international conferences and workshops involving policy makers, industry and academic practitioners, and representatives from the European Commission. By participating in these activities, AI4CYBER can collaborate with other projects and discuss research topics of common interest to seek synergies that will improve the project’s excellence and impact.

Joining the ECSCI cluster is a significant step forward for the AI4CYBER project. By networking with other projects, AI4CYBER can enhance its knowledge and expertise in securing critical infrastructures. The project consortium is excited about joining future ECSCI activities and working with other projects to develop innovative solutions to address the critical infrastructure security challenges of the future.