The AI4CYBER project is pleased to invite you to its first workshop on “Cybersecurity Datasets: Challenges and Opportunities” which will be hosted during the PRECINCT Conference at the Maison des Associations Internationales in Brussels on 16-17 May 2023.  

The PRECINCT Conference aims to bring together policymakers, academia, industry and relevant EU projects to discuss various topics relating to critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, crisis management and more! A draft agenda is available here while registrations are open here. 

During the conference, the AI4CYBER workshop session is dedicated to exchanging views on the difficulties and opportunities of using and sharing cybersecurity related datasets for cybersecurity research and cybersecurity solution development. When using models and algorithms to develop AI-based cybersecurity solutions, the learning requires big amounts of well-structured and sanitized data which are sometimes difficult to get. 

Some literature works include open datasets, but they are difficult to reuse as a basis of further research. Creating the datasets synthetically is often hard because it is not easy to replicate the nature of the attacks and getting realistic results is challenging. 

Join us in this workshop to discuss with us available open datasets, sources of datasets, reusable datasets, means and principles for sharing datasets, etc. Please register here by 11 May 2023.