During the AI Cybersecurity conference which took place in Brussels on 7 June 2023, ENISA published four (4) new reports related to AI and cybersecurity.

AI and Cybersecurity Research (available here)

The report identifies 5 key research needs for further research on AI for cybersecurity and on securing AI for future EU policy developments and funding initiatives. Such needs include the development of penetration testing tools to identify security vulnerabilities or the development of standardised frameworks to assess privacy and confidentiality among others.

Multilayer Framework for Good Cybersecurity Practices for AI (available here)

This report presents a scalable framework to guide NCAs and AI stakeholders on the steps they need to follow to secure their AI systems, operations and processes by using existing knowledge and best practices and identifying missing elements. The framework consists of three layers (cybersecurity foundations, AI-specific cybersecurity and sector-specific cybersecurity for AI) and aims to provide a step-by-step approach on following good cybersecurity practices in order to build trustworthiness in their AI activities.

Cybersecurity and Privacy in AI

Two additional reports have been published; each focusing on cybersecurity and privacy threats for a different use case.

  • Forecasting demands on electricity grids (available here)
  • Medical imaging diagnosis (available here)

More information about the conference and the reports can be found here.