The AI4CYBER project has officially joined the Cybersecurity Innovation Cluster for Electrical Power and Energy Systems (CyberEPES). The CyberEPES cluster was originally established on 4 June 2021 as an independent initiative and now includes 8 European projects: PHOENIX, SDN microSENSE, CyberSEAS, Energy Shield, ELECTRON, IRIS, DYNABIC and AI4YCBER.

The CyberEPES acts as a think-tank and information exchange ecosystem in order to guide and coordinate the Cybersecurity Research and Innovation results; synchronize the EPES Infrastructure Stakeholders’ continuous effort on improving the Cybersecurity and Resiliency of their Infrastructure; and contributes to building the Culture of Security for the wider community and end-users via Training, Awareness and Dissemination activities. The Cluster, based on the common project approaches, will provide Research and Development (R&D) activities such as the coordination of activities and proposals towards the establishment of common cybersecurity procedures for EPES in particular, and for Critical Infrastructures in general, including CyberThreat Intelligence (CTI) information collection, storage and sharing, and technical measures towards cybersecurity.

AI4CYBER reached out to CyberEPES to take advantage of synergies related to the AI4CYBER energy sector use case that will leverage and demonstrate cutting-edge AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. As a first step, AI4CYBER was presented to the rest of the cluster projects and potential synergies were discussed on 25 May 2023. The University of Western Macedonia will actively represent the project in future meetings and activities.

More information on common activities will be shared soon.