The call for papers for SCC 2023 – International Workshop on Secure Cloud Continuum is now open until October 7, 2023. The workshop is organised in the framework of the 14th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science by AI4CYBER partner MONTIMAGE, while partners such as TECNALIA and UOWM have joined the programme committee.


This workshop aims to look into the complexities that arise in the effort to secure today’s complex cloud, edge computing, and IoT platforms. The organisers invite contributions that address a wide range of issues, in particular:

  • Advancing Cybersecurity Resilience
  • Ensuring Privacy and Trust in a Continuously Connected World
  • Safeguarding Data and Infrastructure
  • Pratical experimentations and reports in industrial environments as well as collaborative research projects results

The goal of SCC workshop is to bring together safety \& security practitioners and researchers to exchange ideas, perspectives on problems, and solutions. Papers proposing novel models, methods, and algorithms are welcomed as well as papers reporting experiences on the application of existing methods on case studies and industrial examples. The topics of interest include but are not restricted to:

  • Cloud Continuum security challenges (IoT, Edge, Cloud, Dataspaces)
  • Security requirements definition, modeling and analysis automation
  • Security testing solutions and tools
  • Security monitoring solutions and tools
  • Vulnerability, threats and attacks modelling techniques
  • Risk assessment frameworks
  • Attacks tolerance in distributed environments
  • Resilience techniques evaluation
  • ML/AI based Cybersecurity for Cloud Continuum
  • Trust and privacy assessment in Cloud Continuum
  • Industrial experience reports

The workshop topics related to Risk assessment frameowrks and resilience techniques are also of a particular interest to AI4CYBER.

The deadline for paper submission is on 7 October 2023. The workshop will take place between 4-6 December 2023.

You can find more information here.