The AI4CYBER project is pleased to announce a new collaboration as part of its networking and clustering activities with the LAZARUS EU project (GA No 101070303).

LAZARUS (pLatform for Analysis of Resilient and secUre Software) aims to heal many of the security issues that befall modern software during its development life cycle. LAZARUS innovates by intervening in multiple steps of the SDLC, performing targeted security checks and collecting valuable information and intelligence from each step, and exploiting advanced ML and AI methods to convert this intelligence into actionable insights and recommendations.

Two introductory meetings between project representatives have already taken place, and areas of potential synergies between the two projects have been identified. The two projects are now exploring possible common actions, including joint dissemination activities, webinars or workshops. More updates to come soon!

To learn more about the LAZARUS project visit their website and follow their social media accounts on Twitter and Linkedin.