The AI4CYBER project is working to join European Cybersecurity Competence Center (ECCC) EU Project Hub so that the project description and its research outcomes can be found in the European Project Radar.

The information and insights from AI4CYBER will aid in enhancing collective understanding of cybersecurity trends across EU, and will help the European Cybersecurity Competence Center (ECCC) in shaping their activities and strategies.

The project is committed to elaborate the Market and Technology Readiness Level (MTRL) Assessments to better identify market readiness gap. By adopting the Joint Research Centre (JRC) taxonomy tagging methodology when describing our results, we facilitate identification of the project solutions and their dissemination to cybersecurity stakeholders.

In the future, it is expected that the project’s Key Exploitable Results (KERs) will be added to the Cyberwatching observatory to enhance the outreach of our innovations.

Please stay tunned!