On the 9th of May, AI4CYBER and LAZARUS conducted a joined workshop on the topic of AI Vulnerabilities Identification and Fixing!

During this 1h workshop we discussed cutting-edge technologies in cybersecurity. Discovered how advanced AI solutions are transforming vulnerability identification and fixing in software code. Gained insights into the latest strategies for enhancing cybersecurity defences and staying ahead of cyber threats.

We are thankful to LAZARUS for the organization and coordination and to the speakers for the knowledge:

  • Akos Milankovich Security Analyst and R&D lead at SEARCH-LAB at SEARCH-LAB Ltd
  • Constantinos Patsakis Associate Professor at University of Piraeus and Adjunt Reseracher at Athena Research Center
  • Moderator: Adriana Freitas Director Responsible for Research Projects at APWG.EU

Looking forward to participate in the future workshops and joint activities!