EU-CIP is pleased to announce that the it will hold its second Annual Conference on Critical Infrastructure Resilience #EUCIP2024, on November, 12 in Madrid, Spain.

The conference is organized together with the CIPRE ( Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe) partnership within the Critical Infrastructure Protection Week!

This year conference will be of the utmost importance to the European policy sector on Critical Infrastructure. With the imminent implementation of The Critical Entities Resilience Directive (CER Directive), which lays down obligations on EU Member States to take specific measures to ensure that essential services and infrastructures, for the maintenance of vital societal functions or economic activities, are provided in an unobstructed manner in the internal market. The deadline of 17th October 2024 is set for when Member States shall adopt and publish the measures necessary to comply with this Directive.
The NIS2 Directive, builds upon the previous NIS Directive, addressing its shortcomings and expanding its scope to enhance security requirements, reporting obligations, and crisis management capabilities.
Compliance with the CER Directive and NIS2 Directive are crucial for businesses operating in the EU
to safeguard their systems, mitigate threats, and ensure resilience. Penalties are enforceable on
agencies and operators for non-compliance. Read the full press release!