FrontEndART Software Ltd. ( is an SME located in Szeged, Hungary. It is the market leader software source code quality assurance company in Hungary having many European and international clients as well. The clients of FrontEndART include SME developer companies and multinational companies from various sectors, including finance, telecommunications, information systems, etc. FrontEndART provides QA services, solutions, and tailored products to fit the needs of its clients, and it explores, develops and markets innovative solutions for software source code quality management. In addition, tailored solutions are provided for improving the productivity of all aspects of software engineering, including analysis, development, testing, and maintenance. National and international references include small to large companies (e.g. T-Systems, Allianz, Nokia, Ericsson, John Deere, KONE, Cubic, The Central Bank of Hungary). Professional certified trainings in various topics are regularly offered for industrial partners. Innovative results are continuously being achieved together with our key R&D partner, the Department of Software Engineering at the University of Szeged in Hungary, and also in cooperation with different national and international IT companies and research institutions. Some of these projects were financed by national or EU grants. Relevant skills/expertise: The basic know-how of the company includes static source code analysers for multiple programming languages, a software metric database for monitoring the quality of source code, and a methodology and toolset to conduct efficient outsourced testing. The methods, tools, and services FEA offers are built upon more than 20 years’ experience of the company’s key people in the fields of software development, re- and reverse engineering and software maintenance. In addition, the company has a strong industrial profile in full-stack software development and evolution of large software systems, often composed of heterogeneous architectures that involve both legacy and modern technologies (e.g., C/C++, Java, Node.js, .NET, Web and BigData technologies).